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The Ask
A new website, a new look and a new messaging strategy

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SecureVideo needed a new web presence to shift business focus from their mostly private practice therapist clientele to a wider range of customers, including hospital networks, physician networks, institutions (education and correctional) and more. In addition to this, Propane was asked to create a new brand identity, including a logo, and messaging in order to better establish SecureVideo’s size and credibility.


  • New Logo
  • Modular design system
  • Expanded Brand Identity including an ownable illustration style
  • Targeted messaging for multiple audiences
  • New Product positioning with platform narrative
  • Responsive Web Application
  • User-Friendly CMS
Generate Interest
The Challenge
Addressing private practices and major providers

While SecureVideo had all the right features, not enough people were aware of the brand and platform, and when did they make it to their site, the conversion rates showed that the story being told did not highlight its value prop or best benefits.

Propane facilitated brand workshops and discovery sessions to pull out three key brand pillars from which all work would be derived. Using these, propane refreshed the logo and brand identity to visually reinforce these pillars.

The next challenge for Propane was to identify the right benefits that speak to the 4 main audiences propane identified. Through empathizing with these audiences and understanding their buyer journey, Propane was able to establish the right direction for a website that would serve its users and align to SecureVideo’s business objectives.

In understanding the audiences, the big shift in experience direction was supporting both enterprise and small healthcare providers — both of which value and use the SecureVideo platform differently. This lead Propane to create a break in information architecture to make a landing page and space for each audience to explore independently of each other. This allowed the content strategy and conversion points for each to be fine-tuned to the benefits and value prop for different business sizes.

Propane helped change the story of SecureVideo from “one platform for any provider” to two different stories: “the right platform for enterprise healthcare” and the “right product for small practices and individual providers.”

Propane also needed to create a design system that brought to life the credibility, flexibility and security of SecureVideo. Our creative team established color palettes for the brand and visual themes for both audience sets. An ownable illustration and photographic style was developed as the creative team needed ways to illustrate the benefits and bring the platform to life.

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The Results
Clear guided Journeys

SecureVideo now has a brand that scales to its wider audiences and a marketing website experience that drive towards conversion across the entire journey.


Propane designed an experience that had a homepage that presented the overarching brand positioning and value props of the SecureVideo telehealth platform (uniquely flexible with the security necessary for the most rigorous privacy compliance issues). The website then presented clear paths for private practices vs. larger institutions. Each landing page then started a discrete experience that conveyed clear product differentiators in crisp language which reflected the need of each audience.

Brand workshops resulted in clear brand values that were translated into a new logo the company started using immediately. The brand identity created was a fresh mix of distinctly treated photography, a comprehensive modern design system including a new illustration style that brought the use cases of SecureVideo to life.

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