Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Many businesses underestimate the importance of brand. Your brand is more than your logo and colors, your brand is the perception of everyone who comes into contact with your business at every touch point. It exists to focus your messaging, align your teams and differentiate you amongst your competition. We have refined a brand strategy practice over the years that creates a strong brand foundation for value proposition articulation, corporate messaging, copywriting as well as all creative and design.

To connect all these dots successfully we have created brand workshops that we can conduct on site allowing our clients to engage all necessary stakeholders and drive alignment from the top down, as well as horizontally across business lines. We help you position effectively within your market and give you the framework to express your value far outside of the projects you have commissioned with us. A strong brand foundation can help provide direction across all your brand touchpoints including marketing, advertising, customer experience, offers & programs, employee experience, product and PR.

Case Studies

Brand Help for a Helpful Brand

Absorb creates learning management software. We reimagined the brand and website.
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30% increase in average lead, opportunity, & account size

Redefining an Institution

The San Francisco Symphony needed a full brand and content strategy in order to better position the symphony and get to the root of flagging attendance and perception issues. The new brand positioning serves as a foundation for the content strategy which outlines the audiences and messaging across every type of digital and analog content type.
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We partnered with Propane to reimagine and refresh the SF Symphony brand and website.

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