Market Research

Market Research

Propane designs research to let you make business decisions based on insights not assumptions. After assessing your needs, we pinpoint the qualitative and quantitative data that will help best make design decisions and recruit methodologies that will best serve your needs. Our capabilities for understanding product-market fit, identifying opportunities for product and service innovation, and clarifying positioning needs include a wide range of ethnographic research, focus groups, surveys, workshop exercises, in-depth interviews and cognitive walkthroughs. All research projects combine available secondary research with our primary insights. Propane’s research insights differ from larger consulting groups in that we are always looking toward design execution and make sure we translate our findings into applicable, strategic design direction. That, and our nimble team can do the research for a fraction of the cost of the big guys.

Case Studies

The Beauty of Engaging Content

Our task was to create digital marketing campaigns for both the AlphaFit and SmartProfile devices and find a way to position both of them.
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15M brushes sold over lifetime

Outsmarting B2B Goliaths

ServiceMax came to us for strategic brand messaging and a website experience that would position them as an industry leader.
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10% Increase in Lead Quality

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