Custom internal Business Tools

Custom internal Business Tools

We belive that true company value can be unlocked from the inside through connecting people, process, and data in new unique ways. Our consultative side will unpack these opportunities and make recommendations to you that are feasible, desirable, and viable. Tools can include employee dashboards, interactive tools that allow employees to provide better outcomes for their customers, and platforms that allows for ongoing scale. Harness and unlock employee potential, or drive a better employee experience that creates better brand extension. Those are just a couple examples and the sky 's the limit as to what is possible for workforce enablement.

Often times client might have an idea or initiative. A wishlist if you will, and propane can turn them into realiates. Its requires a digital special ops team to identify, strategize, prototype and test, and then deploy in clients complex and often legacy burdened environments. To get the process started we often start with helping clients establish a business case. Propane is also flexible and can act as an extension of IT, by conducting all the upfront, but working with internal IT teams to deliver the transformation internally.

Human-Centered Design

Redefining an Institution

San Francisco Symphony’s new brand strategy and website design better positions its relevance for new and existing audiences while the experience design solves many ticket purchase and usability issues.
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"We partnered with Propane to reimagine and refresh the SF Symphony brand and website."

A Cure for Health Care Confusion

Kaiser Permanente asked us to create an online shopping experience featuring their new ACA plans.
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