Employee Workflows

Employee Workflows

Propane has helped clients prepare for either a large new digital property or just in keeping up with evolving customer demands. We not only create visa apps that help even the newest member of teams quickly onboard, but also provide role definitions, opportunity for team growth, Our goal is to ensure that the internal teams are empowered to consistently and systemically deliver quality outputs be it in content, publishing, and or experiences. Contact us to see examples of our workflow and governance deliverables to our estimated clients.

Case Studies

Using Digital to Keep up with Growth

Equinix, a global data warehouse leader, selected Propane to create opportunities to keep up with growth.
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4x more sales opportunities

Improving Aging Communities

We helped PAMF improve the quality of life for older adults and caregivers by making their platform easier to use for all ages.
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26% fewer office visits for seniors

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