Complex System Integrations

Complex System Integrations

Often we find that best experiences come from business enablement internally. Meaning that sometimes you have to have the right plumbing in place to deliver exceptional customer or employee experiences. However If you don’t have a map it's hard to know where you are going. With this in mind Propane often starts by documenting all the systems, their roles, their connections and external or internal dependencies. With this higher altitude view it becomes easier for clients to create connections with 3rd parties, thus allowing clients to create high value from within the organization. To do this, it's best to have a deep bench of expertise in technical architecture, database design, and connectivity. Oftentimes, these connections can take in APIs, REstful services, single sign on, CRMs, automation platforms like AEM, Marketo, and Eloqua, and Business intelligence systems like Tableau.

Case Studies

A Cure for Health Care Confusion

Kaiser Permanente asked us to create an online shopping experience featuring their new ACA plans.
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200K applications processed per year

Using Digital to Keep up with Growth

Equinix, a global data warehouse leader, selected Propane to create opportunities to keep up with growth.
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